December 2009

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Rates initially rose this week on a stronger-than-expected business inflation report Tuesday, but recovered after the Fed reiterated that they expect weak economic conditions to help keep rates lower for the near term. Rates end this week about the same as last week.

But it should be noted that Bernanke’s Fed is highly market oriented. Their post-meeting statements, like the one they issued Wednesday after their final 2009 policy meeting, don’t indicate this explicitly but the minutes of those meetings do. The minutes are very specific about how market oriented they are, and recent minutes describe how the Fed will look to raise rates by selling mortgage bonds and/or hiking overnight rates when they see more sustained economic improvement and/or

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Reports indicate that the Cleveland Clinic, bouncing back from huge cut backs in 2008-09 are positioning themselves to hire upwards of 1800 employees in 2010.  This could mean wonderful things for Cleveland's real estate growth as well as economy. 

Everyone knows your city is nothing without jobs.  I would look at the areas around University Circle and Midtown to be the main hotspots for development over the next few years.
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