July 2009

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If you are thinking of buying your first home and figured you have plenty of time to take advantage of the government's $8000 tax credit, THINK AGAIN! 

Did you know that you only have until November 30th of this year to CLOSE on your new home?  Did you also know that it will take at LEAST 30 days from the time you enter into a contract till you can close?  That closing time will probably increase substantially as we get closer to the deadline and everybody is rushing to get their homes in on time.  If you think you might need 30-60 days to get pre-approved and then find that perfect home that leaves you about a month till you need to get started.

Please believe me when I say "now is the time" beat the rush and call me for a free consultation.


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Jake Lohser has recently joined forces with downtown real estate agents Mark Lastition and Scott Phillips to open a new downtown real estate office.  This office will continue to take shape over the coming months and has already attracted attention from other highly producing agents who want to take part.

The mission of this office is to take high producing technology driven and like minded agents who believe in all that Greater Cleveland has to offer.  In addition to servicing clients, this business center has the goal of connecting decision maker in Cleveland with those who have big ideas to continue the city's new trends of development.

The team is currently looking for talented agents so please call or email if you feel like you would be right for…
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by Matthew Bandyk

When you pay a lot of money for something, you hope to get a lot of value in return. Despite the housing downturn and the number of cheap houses it has left in its wake, there is still plenty of expensive land left. According to the Global Property Guide, an online real estate investor's guide, New York might have slipped from the second-most-expensive city in the world in 2008 to the sixth most expensive in 2009, but an average 120-square-meter (373-square-foot) apartment in the central business district will still cost you a hefty $14,898 per square meter.

So why are people willing to pay a fortune to live in certain places? And what are they getting in return for their money? According to a recent working paper from

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