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Another wonderful tour of another wonderful condo building going up in the booming downtown of Fort Worth!

















What a pleasure it was to accompany Anna and Sarah with Omni Hotels all the way to the 24th, 25th and finally 29th floor to experience the views that many of us have been wondering about since we started watching the impressive Omni condo/hotel building race skyward.

Below you will find several images and an explanation of what you are seeing and where in the building I was standing.

Here we're obviously looking straight north towards downtown. This view is from the 24th floor A unit's living room. This unit has a 400 SF balcony to enjoy this view from!

This is again

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One Museum Place: Yesterday was the day! I was finally able to visit with the sales director for Museum place and go up in the big One Museum Place building at the intersection of West 7th Street, University Drive and Camp Bowie Blvd. One word can aptly describe my response after walking up the 6-story parking garage, crossing the bridge to the residential tower and arriving at the first condo facing south...WOW! Who knew you could have such a wonderful view of the Modern's reflection pond, Will Rogers and the other museums all at once. Oh, and the views of downtown are good too. This view is from the party room. The other units along the south side of the building share this view and partial downtown…
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Home's location even more vital with gas at $4 gallon
Friday, July 11, 2008 By STEVE BROWN / The Dallas Morning News

The old real estate maxim "location, location, location" couldn't be more apt during these days of $4 gasoline.

Some Dallas-area residents are already making a housing move to cut down on fuel costs.

Ben Patterson and his partner, Rick Ortiz, recently moved from an apartment near White Rock Lake to a central business district condo.

"Rick works downtown, so now he only has to walk about two blocks," Mr. Patterson said. "As a result, we pretty much only drive one vehicle these days."

And Mr. Patterson said his daily commute to Arlington was significantly shortened.

"With gas prices what they are, I'm not interested in

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‘Hysteria in Markets Regarding Viability of Fannie, Freddie Is Unfounded,’ Says NAHB
Published: July 14, 2008

By Anuradha Kher, Online News Editor

Washington, D.C.--The Bush administration on Sunday asked Congress to approve a rescue package that would give officials the power to inject billions of federal dollars into the troubled Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac through investments and loans.

“We continue to hold more than adequate capital reserves and maintain access to liquidity from the capital markets,” Daniel H. Mudd, president and CEO of Fannie Mae said in a statement.  “Given the market turmoil, having options to access

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