10 Tips to Sell your Condo

Posted by Highrises.com Concierge on Tuesday, August 20th, 2013 at 3:22pm.

Are you thinking about selling your condo?

At Highrises.com we specialize in helping you buy and sell your next condo.  Because we have experience on both ends of the transaction, we thought we would share some tips for you to make certain your condo is ready to sell.

1)  Place a few plants in the entry

Although most of the condos already have landscaped public areas, what does your place say about how green things live there?  What is the first thing a person sees when they walk up?  It should be some green healthy plants, especially if you have a unique way to display them in an organized, yet trendy plant holder like this one.  The entry should be clean and well swept.  Get rid of any old looking entry mats that make the place look dingy.

2)  Check all the lighting and plumbing 

The last thing you want is to explain why basic needs aren’t working.  Also, make certain you have clean towels and hand soap and your bathroom is spotless.  It’s hard for a buyer to think about buying your place if they spend the rest of their time at your place wondering, “Ewwww, What was on that towel?”

3)  Do a deep clean, clean it again, then hire someone to come clean it for you.  

The chances that your definition of clean is the same as the buyers is not something you want to chance.  A deep clean includes steaming carpets, polishing furniture, washing walls and baseboards, deep clean of fridge, dusting blinds, cleaning window sills, a spotless stove, oven and fridge inside and out.  If you don't know what "clean is" think of the baby test.  Would you let a baby crawl on your floor worry free?

4)  Hire a qualified home inspector

A home inspector sees homes day in and day out to do an assessment for the amount of repairs that will need to be done.  You can avoid having to lower your price if you fix the items that need to be repaired ahead of time.  

5)  Make a list of things repairs will have the biggest impression and do them.

If the white paint in any of your rooms have a dingy faded color to them, now is the time to paint.  Try and avoid colors and stick with white to help increase the visual perspective of more space.  Buyers would rather see how beautiful your home is than have to try and imagine what it “could be”.  

6)  Clean out closets and drawers

Have some items seemed to make a permanent home on your counters and desks?  Vow to create a new organized home.  Don't just shove these items away in the drawers and closets.  When drawers and closets are clean, they appear larger.   Take all the items out and decide to keep only what you need. Donate the items you can live without to a local charity (and get a receipt for a tax deduction at the end of the year).  You’ll be happy you did this when you moved to your new place and get to start with a new clean slate.

7)  Create the perfect lighting

If you are showing your place during the day, having sparkling windows open helps the space feel larger.  If you are showing your place at night, make certain to have all the lights on inside and out to create an inviting and warm space.  Remember, light makes a home feel warm and cozy.

8)  Remove clutter

If a buyer sees clutter in the living spaces or closets, they might think you are lazy, but even worse, they could see this as a sign that if they buy your condo, there will not be enough room for them to live clutter free.  

9)  Avoid over decorating

Keep decorations simple.  This might sound odd, but try and depersonalize the space.  It will be harder for someone to imagine themselves living in your unit if there are tons of family photos and collection and personal items.  Think of the art of reverting your space from a painting back to a blank canvas.  To add your personal touch, have a vase of your favorite fresh flowers throughout the home.

10)  Create a unique feature to your unit

What makes your unit different than the one next door?  Avoid same’itis and change your clone into a urban chic zone.  Think about what makes your condo unique (the view, the lighting, the proximity to the elevator) and describe this to your buyer.  Also, if you can make your kitchen “WAY BETTER” than all your neighbors, the buyer will want your unit more.
If you are looking to sell your condo, no other real estate company has the experience in high rise condos like we do at Highrises.com

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