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Written by Brian Enright

Architecture Photo Whether it's a special occasion, like a wedding or family reunion, or just taking a leisurely stroll through the park, taking photos is a fun and fulfilling hobby. If you enjoy experimenting with art and technology, then you might like photography as a personal hobby. From fun and silly selfies to taking snapshots of nature, photography can be a rewarding venture that helps capture the beauty and uniqueness of the world and people around us. Even if you just enjoy taking photos for personal use, photography is a wonderful form of self-expression and an excellent way to practice your craft.

If you live in an area with interesting architecture, like tall skyscrapers, taking photos of these structures can be a very rewarding exercise. We've been taking photos of high-rise buildings all over America for the last 10 years and still get just as excited when we get that perfect building shot from the perfect angle.  Architecture photography is not only fun, but it's also a wonderful way to catalog the many man-made wonders we see in our everyday lives.

Architectural Photography 101

Contrastly offers plenty of insight and helpful advice to show you how to take impressive and effective architectural photographs.

Featured Photographers: National Gallery of Art

Discover some of the world's most famous architectural photographers and their work, listed by the National Gallery of Art.

Historic Building Photographs

Take a closer look at many famous and historic buildings throughout the United States. Explore the architecture and its history through the lens of the photographer.

In Focus: Architecture

Discover a few striking examples of exceptional architectural photography featuring buildings ranging from churches to high-rise skyscrapers.

Balance, Composition, and Geometry

This is an interesting interview with one of the world's most famous modern architectural photographers, Tim Cornbill.

The Photographer Who Made Architects Famous

Learn about the life and work of photographer Ezra Stoller as presented by NPR. The page also features a slideshow of some of his most famous work.

Photo Critique: Architecture

Learn more about what makes certain architectural photographs so stunning and discover the many techniques and tips you can use yourself to create and capture stunning architectural photos of your own. Plenty of exceptional examples are included.

10 Tips to Perfect Your Architectural Photography

Ten helpful tips to assist you with improving your own architecture photography, whether you're a novice or someone who's been taking architectural photos for some time.

Steps to Success as an Architectural Photographer

Whether you're considering architecture photography as a career or just want to add some excellent shots to your portfolio, this page provides you with 12 helpful steps to success.

10 Architectural Photography Tips to Get the Ultimate Shot

Are you wondering how to capture the ultimate architecture shot? This page offers 10 tips that will help you ensure you've created the ultimate architectural photograph.

Interior Photography

If you're fascinated by the interior aspect of architecture photography, this page provides in-depth information on the best equipment, composition tips, lighting, and much more to help you capture the ultimate interior design photographs.

A Brilliant Beginner's Guide to Architectural Photography

If you're new to the world of architectural photography, this page provides a helpful and easy guide for beginners so you can shoot in confidence.

A Guide to Architectural Photography

Discover some of the basics of architectural photography, bold photographic examples, and helpful tips to help you get you started at this link.

Sun and Lighting for Architectural Photography

Learn how lighting factors like the sun and other light sources can impact the outcome and impactful look of your architectural photography.

7 Tips for Better Architectural Photography

If you've been wondering how to improve your architecture photographs, Light Stalking offers seven simple but effective tips that will help you create better photographs.

Stunning Photos of the Most Beautiful Buildings in the World

If you're in need of some inspiration, Insider offers amazing photographs of some of the most beautiful buildings in the world to get you motivated to try your hand at architectural photography.

Interview with Chip Allen

Read here for a fascinating interview with famous architectural photographer Chip Allen, where he provides insight and helpful information for aspiring photographers.

How Architectural Photographers Work

If you're considering architecture photography as a career, read this interesting article that covers how these professional photographers work and what a typical experience might look like.

Ansel Adams

Although most well-known for his photos of nature and landscapes, Ansel Adams was also an architectural photographer. Read more about his life and see some photos from his portfolio at this link.

9 Practical Tips for Photographing Historic Buildings

If you're interested in taking photos of historic buildings, this page provides nine helpful tips that will ensure you get the best, most effective photographs.

The Incredible History and Craftsmanship Behind Architecture's Most Famous Photographs

Delve deeper into architecture photography with this website, featuring a fascinating history of some of the most famous architecture photographs.

Historic Chicago Architectural Photographs

Explore this online gallery featuring some striking architectural photographs of buildings throughout the city of Chicago.

National Geographic Architecture Collection

Explore some incredible architecture photos as presented by National Geographic. Click each photograph for more information and a more in-depth view.

Essential Gear

If you're considering delving deeper into architecture photography, this page provides an in-depth list of some of the most essential gear to help you master the art.

The Complete Guide to Architecture Photography

This page provides 98 helpful tips on taking excellent architecture photography ranging from the best equipment to how to photograph tall buildings and skyscrapers.

8 Tips to Master the Art of Architecture Photography

Learn eight helpful tips that will teach you how to master the art of architecture photography.

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