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Housing Price Index Highest since 2008

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014 at 9:46pm. 0 Comments.

The latest report released by CoreLogic showed that the Housing Price Index (HPI) is at the highest level since June 2008.  The HPI in November 2013 was measured at 164.3307, a value which has not been that high since June 2008 when it was at 164.4140.  

The lowest in the period was 134.2909 back in February 2012.  The last time the HPI was 100 was back in Jan 2000, and six years later in April 2006 was 199.493.  The HPI index is a measurement of the movement of the prices of homes nationally.  It tracks these price changes in 363 metropolises.  

Calculated Risk Blog used the data from CoreLogic and made this great visual to see the trends more easily.

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5 Trends for Real Estate in 2014

Saturday, December 28th, 2013 at 8:55pm. 0 Comments.

Experts are predicting the following trends in the housing market for 2014:

1. Increase in Housing Inventory

The Urban Land Institute thinks this will be the last year that low inventory will aid housing prices.  Forbes believes that the rapid price increases of 2013 were greatly due to this shortage and expects prices to adjust to a healthy and stable pricing as the inventory matches the need more closely.  At Highrises.com our agents reported 2013 the year of lines to see new listings and homes closing before they were even listed.

2. Increase in Interest Rates

ULI expects ten-year treasuries to rise slightly in 2014 as they have been below 5% for quite some time.   The average mortgage rate for the last 36 years has been 9.2%.

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Foreclosures lowest rate since 2006!!

Thursday, December 12th, 2013 at 10:56pm. 0 Comments.

We have great news in the United States real estate market today.  Last month, in November, foreclosures are down 37% when compared with one year ago’s market in November 2012.  This exciting data released from RealtyTrac showed that in just one month (October 3013-November 2013) the number of foreclosures are down 15% to a total of 113,454 homes reporting foreclosures in November 2013.  This brings the number of foreclosures the lowest they have been since August 2006.  The foreclosures include bank repossessions, scheduled auctions and notices for default.  

According to the US Census, privately owned housing building permits are up 13.9% in October 2013 when compared with the years previous permits in October 2012.  Also, in the third

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11 Holiday Decor Ideas for your Condo

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013 at 9:47pm. 0 Comments.

This year think outside of the box and decorate your place with the same style and pizazz as the rest of your decor.  Think unique and personal and create a visual treat for yourself and the guests you have over for the holiday season.  We found these ideas and wanted to share them with you to get your creative inner being going.  We love these alternative winter wonder ideas.

Take a brisk winter walk in nature and gather sticks of different sizes and hang on the wall with both traditional and creative ornaments and lights.  You'll save space but still get to have your tree.

For the intellectual type with lots of books laying around, transform them with this easy DIY holiday decor.  Share your inner bookworm and create a conversation

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Taller than the Empire State Building and only 40 Feet Wide!

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013 at 10:12pm. 0 Comments.

SHoP Architects and JDS Development Group recently unveiled a new residential high rise in New York which will be taller than the Empire State Building and only forty feet wide.  The skinny tower would be 1,350 feet tall with residents having an entire floor to live in the ultimate high rise home.  Will this design be a hit when residents live a quarter mile above the city?  According to Wall Street Journal, SHoP partner Vishaan Chakrabarti said the materials would create an effect that, ”sparkles during the day and has a soft glow at night.”  The building narrows as it rises and is going to be constructed out of bronze-and-white terra-cotta stripes.  This super tall and thin high rise on 57th street is expected to break ground in 2014, although

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Camouflage High-Rise Can Disappear

Monday, September 23rd, 2013 at 9:47pm. 0 Comments.

A new high-rise in Korea claims it can disappear using cameras and LED lights and screens.   The building will have 500 rows of LED screens.  With a push of a button the building takes a picture of the background behind it and then projects it onto a screen for the viewer.   The cameras located nearby project the desired visuals onto the tower to help it blend in with the skyline.  GDS Architects, who designed Infinity Tower claim the entire building can disappear under the right set of circumstances.  The building will also have the world’s third highest observation deck and will be one of the top ten tallest buildings standing at 1476 feet.  In aims to attract  more tourists, Infinity Tower will primarily serve as an entertainment venue and

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Clean Cube creates a "Digital Doorman"

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013 at 7:13pm. 0 Comments.

A new start-up, Clean Cube, might be replacing the doorman.  Clean cube is saving time for residents in high-rise buildings by providing lockers to drop off and pick up laundry and dry cleaning.  The system is high tech and includes a touch screen and QR codes used to track of your order.  When users drop off clothes, a Clean Cube employee dressed in a tux t-shirt picks up the clothes and returns them in 24 to 48 hours.  Founder Arthur Shmulevsky created this business inspired by his own frustration with not having the time to drop off his dry cleaning during their business hours.  

Shmulevsky compares Clean Cube to a “digital doorman” and is looking to expand into new areas.  Clean cube also can pick up donations, will deliver them to

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New Report Shows Condos are Making a Comeback!

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 at 9:15pm. 0 Comments.

One of the ways to follow the real estate market is the Case-Shiller Index.  This is very helpful, however only accounts for single family homes.  Because Highrises.com focuses on Condos and Lofts for sale across the US, we follow the Condo Index which is a less known value indicator for multifamily living.  S&P Dow Jones released a report today that shows how the market has changed over the last 18 years.  The cities they have followed condo prices in five major US cities since 1995 including: San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Boston and Los Angeles.  

Back in 1995, the seasonally adjusted condo index hovered between 50 and 100 and reached a peak of nearly 150-300 in 2006.  Los Angeles was the highest value at 285 in 2006 following the trend

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10 Tips to Sell your Condo

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013 at 10:22pm. 0 Comments.

Are you thinking about selling your condo?

At Highrises.com we specialize in helping you buy and sell your next condo.  Because we have experience on both ends of the transaction, we thought we would share some tips for you to make certain your condo is ready to sell.

1)  Place a few plants in the entry

Although most of the condos already have landscaped public areas, what does your place say about how green things live there?  What is the first thing a person sees when they walk up?  It should be some green healthy plants, especially if you have a unique way to display them in an organized, yet trendy plant holder like this one.  The entry should be clean and well swept.  Get rid of any old looking entry mats that make the place look

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Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Home?

Thursday, August 15th, 2013 at 11:12pm. 0 Comments.

Are you wondering if now is a good time to buy a home?

With the recent history of the housing market dive, many waiting to buy a house have hesitancy in buying a new home.  The housing market is making (or some would say has made) a comeback all across the United States in the last year.  Foreclosures are down and inventory is decreasing in cities, particularly in hip urban communities where multifamily housing is available for a variety of needs.  High-rise condos are in demand nationwide.    

Hot Markets in Real Estate

Nationwide home values increased 12.3 percent in the second quarter this year compared to the second quarter increase in 2012.

Home values jump up in 2013 YOY!

Atlanta 38.9 percent

Las Vegas 31.4 percent

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