Tallest Residential Buildings in the USA

These are the tallest condo buildings in America that are exclusively residential.Ā 

RankBuilding NameCityFloorsHeight (ft)
18 Spruce Street (rental)New York City76876
2Trump World TowerNew York City72861
3One Museum ParkChicago62734
4The AustonianAustin56683
5Barclay TowerNew York City56673
6340 on the ParkChicago64672
755 East ErieChicago56647
8Lake Point TowerChicago70645
9River East CenterChicago58644
10Grand Plaza Apts.Chicago57641
11One Rincon HillSan Francisco54641
12Heritage @ MilleniumChicago57631
13Central Park PlaceNew York City56628
14Trump PalaceNew York City54621
15425 5th Ave.New York City55618
16Millenium CentreChicago58610
17The OrionNew York City58604
181000 Lake ShoreChicago55590
19Marina CityChicago61588
20Museum TowerNew York City52588